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TeamViewer GmbH, a German company founded in 2005 and headquartered in Göppingen, engages in the development and sales of systems for web-based cooperation and communication. A quick start and rapid growth have led to over one billion installations of the TeamViewer software in more than 200 countries around the world in just a short span of time.

With more than 100 computing centers all over the globe, 6 branch locations on 3 continents and a service team active in more than 30 languages, TeamViewer currently employs over 550 people.

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Core areas

Ben, IT

IT, Engineering, Product Management

“I’ve been very happy as a web designer and developer at TeamViewer for more than 4.5 years, as I am able to express my creativity on a daily basis. As a developer, I can also develop myself both on a variety of different teams and as an individual.”
– Ben Clauss –

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KJ, Sales


“I really enjoy putting my language and commercial skills at the service of a young market leader company in constant growth!”
– KJ Lo –

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Babett, Finance

Finance & Legal

“At TeamViewer, you have the fantastic opportunity to take part in design and organization and contribute some of your own personality. Finance plays a key role here.”
– Babett Göhler –

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Michael, Marketing


“Our marketing department has people with skill sets that range from highly analytical to incredibly creative. It’s marketing done the right way.”
– Michael Thomas Albert –

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Mercedes, HR Office Management


“Working at TeamViewer is an HR generalist’s dream! A global team working on a diverse range of projects for a company that understands its people are the most important resource to achieve success.”
Mercedes Smith –

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Linus, Corporate


At Corporate we shape TeamViewer’s future in close collaboration with our leadership team. We drive Corporate Strategy, M&A, Market Intelligence, Business Analytics and strategic projects.
– Linus Willems –

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Our locations

Our company culture

Diversity and open-mindedness

Our diversity and open-mindedness have paved the way to becoming a truly global company.

Kultur: René Müller

“One company, many cultures. Dynamic colleagues from all over the world, who are ambitious, competent and open-minded. That’s what TeamViewer is and what makes it so exciting to go to work every day.”

René Müller | Sales Operations | Göppingen (GER)

Kultur Michael Thomas Albert

“I have never worked for a company with greater diversity. This diversity also extends way beyond what people normally think about. It’s much more than racial or cultural differences. It represents backgrounds, lifestyles, areas of academic or personal interest, hobbies – everything.”

Michael Thomas Albert | Marketing | Göppingen (GER)

Statement von Ben Clauss

“During my 4.5 years with TeamViewer, I have experienced more diversity in people than ever before. As I walk through the offices, it’s like I’m taking a trip around the world, and there’s a friendly face on every corner!”

Ben Clauss | IT | Göppingen (GER)

Zitat von Amy Lee

“Currently TeamViewer hires a very diverse group of people.”

Amy Lee | Tech Support | Clearwater (USA)

Kultur: Julian Gonzalez

“TeamViewer bestows a unique feeling as soon as you walk in the door. The behavior amongst the unique blend of different cultures, you would think would be like a drink or a dish with too many powerful ingredients. Instead the blend you find is vibrant and tasteful.”

Julian “Grey” Gonzalez | Sales | Clearwater (USA)

Team orientation

Our success is closely linked to our high level of team orientation and mutual support in everything we do.

Kultur: Sabine Kiessling

“At TeamViewer, cooperation isn’t just a flowery, empty phrase the way it is at many companies. With us, cooperation is a way of life. TeamViewer is growing so rapidly that no-one stays the ‘new guy’ for very long in any department. They are integrated into the team right away.”

Sabine Kießling | Finance | Göppingen (GER)

Statement von Ben Clauss

“At TeamViewer, cooperation is a way of life. People with a wide variety of different backgrounds form a team, complete a project and send it out into the world. No-one is left alone out in the rain here.”

Ben Clauss | IT | Göppingen (GER)

Zitat von Amy Lee

“Something unique about TeamViewer is that we really stand up to our name: We are a team!”

Amy Lee | Tech Support | Clearwater (USA)

Kultur: Maricris Gimpayan

“At TeamViewer, we consider collaboration as our oxygen – we need it to survive. As a team, we work hand in hand in attaining a common purpose and goal, trust each other, communicate openly, appreciate diversity and balance the team’s focus.”

Maricris Gimpayan | Sales | Clearwater (USA)

Kultur Michael Thomas Albert

“I work together with people across departments and areas of expertise to complete projects that no single member of the team could ever accomplish alone. I delight every day in the level and diversity of talent that surrounds me.”

Michael Thomas Albert | Marketing | Göppingen (GER)


Regardless of the position of an employee, we expect and encourage innovation and bold ideas from everyone.

Kultur Michael Thomas Albert

“It’s very rare that you’re told how to do something. Instead, you’re given a goal, an ideal end result, and challenged to really think, to be creative and original. The results are frequently beyond expectations.”

Michael Thomas Albert | Marketing | Göppingen (GER)

Zitat von Amy Lee

“To have the ability to think outside the box. Everyone is encouraged to share new ideas with management and executives alike.”

Amy Lee | Tech Support | Clearwater (USA)

Kultur: Kyra Olsson

“Creativity is more than thinking outside the box. It’s about bringing a wealth of personal experience and flavor to the proverbial talk in order to shape your work place and your product into something great. Within the TeamViewer community, everybody’s voice is heard equally and there is  room to grow, as a team.”

Kyra Olsson | Sales | Adelaide (AU)

Kultur: Sabine Kiessling

“TeamViewer is a young and dynamic company. Since TeamViewer itself has only been around since 2005, people in every corner of the company still have a start-up mentality. This comes along with a high level of creativity, which employees desire and are allowed to bring in as parts of the whole.”

Sabine Kießling | Finance | Göppingen (GER)


We want to continue growing in the future, and our high standards and passion for our products and company are our motivation!

Kultur: Evelyn Wiratchalarp

“TeamViewer is the right place for people such as myself – who are ambitious, motivated and who want to unleash their own capabilities. A team that truly believes and supports our own goals and pushes us to soar high without limits.”

Evelyn Wiratchalarp | Sales | Adelaide (AU)

Kultur: Sabine Kiessling

“TeamViewer’s accomplishments over the past few years would not have been possible without the necessary ambition of everyone involved. There is a constant, palpable desire to bring the company and its products forward and to maintain its position in the marketplace.”

Sabine Kießling | Finance | Göppingen (GER)

Kultur Michael Thomas Albert

“At TeamViewer, they don’t hire people for what they have done in the past. They hire you for what they believe you can accomplish in the future.”

Michael Thomas Albert | Marketing | Göppingen (GER)


Our goal is to pursue day-to-day work with the utmost professionalism, but this doesn't have to exclude fun at work and a relaxed working environment. Quite the contrary!

Statement von Ben Clauss

“Give me 15 minutes at a football table, and I’m back in the groove. TeamViewer provides great opportunities for recharging your batteries for work during breaks.”

Ben Clauss | IT | Göppingen (GER)

Kultur Michael Thomas Albert

“In the past year alone, I ran a 10k race, toured a sparkling wine producer, visited a German Christmas market, fought in a paintball tournament, had several meals out, and enjoyed a summer party, a New Year’s party and the latest Star Wars film. This doesn’t even include private time spent with colleagues. We also managed to complete some major projects. That all sounds like fun to me.”

Michael Thomas Albert | Marketing | Göppingen (GER)

Culture formation

We have developed our company values together with our employees over time.

TeamViewer by the numbers

Benefits of working for TeamViewer

Application process

We review every incoming application very carefully. Ultimately, we want to make sure that the applicant is TeamViewer material and vice versa. In addition to professional knowledge, we greatly value the personal qualities of candidates that align to our values & the job requirements.

For more information on the individual stages of the process, simply click the fields with a blue border.

Job advertisement

Our currently available jobs are advertised here.

Application reception

Applications should include a cover letter, CV, references, any applicable certificates and credentials, salary expectations and soonest possible start date.

Selection process

Applications are then checked for completeness by our HR department and forwarded to the respective specialist department.

Telephone interview

We then conduct a telephone interview with suitable candidates.


Following a successful telephone interview, we get to know candidates personally at our facilities. The so-called TeamViewer TalentCheck includes a personal discussion and review of the professional and personal fit.

This is intended to enable the applicant to get to know the position and the company in greater detail. It also allows us to get a better impression as to whether applicants are a good match for us.

2nd interview if needed

Depending on the position we sometimes have a second interview for further open questions.

Contract offer

If the applicant has received a positive response from us, we go through the contractual conditions together and send them the contract documents. A signed copy needs to be returned to us.


On the first day of work, the new employee is introduced to their new colleagues, familiarized with company values and the workplace and introduced to major contact partners. They will also be appointed a mentor for any questions they may have during the initial period.

Interns & Students

What's the minimum internship period?

We offer internships starting at 4 months in duration. We would also be happy to arrange longer internships upon request.

When is the best time to apply?

Ideally, an application should be submitted to us 2 to 3 months before the desired start date.

Where can I do my internship?

We offer internships in our German office in Göppingen.

Are currently student workers needed?

Should student worker positions not be currently available, send us an general application at any time.

Is it possible to do a bachelor's or master's thesis?

Yes, our German location in Göppingen can offer this to you. Interested students can call us with their questions on +49 (0) 7161 – 60692 630.

Current internships and student jobs

Current job advertisements can be found here.

René Müller, Student

Students & Interns

“The opportunity to grow with the tasks, learning something new every day and being fully integrated in the company are what make TeamViewer so special to me as a student.”
– René Müller –

Teamwork with René

Getting started at TeamViewer

Should the application process be successful and a new employee is joining our team, we will support them through the orientation and introduction period to ensure the best possible experience.

Before employment

During the initial phase, we make all the important arrangements so that the new employee gets the best possible start  with TeamViewer.

Important points in this phase:

  • Sending of the work contract
  • Clearing up remaining questions
  • Return of the work contract to TeamViewer
  • Sent information about first day of work
"We empower… people to help people through secure, easy-to-use technology that connects Anyone. Anything. Anywhere. Anytime."– TeamViewer Vision –

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      Aalener Industriemesse – AIM

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